Sunday, 5 October 2014


 Amazon Prime are stating that cartoon -Tom and Jerry -slapstick cartoon show racial prejudices that were once common place in American society.Mainly due to the character -Mammy Two Shoes-apron wearing black woman in episodes 1940-1952 but can be argued this is us judging the past by our present values .Even walt disney  is no innocent -king louie - jive talking orangutan or  aladdin with a lyric about Arabs cuttinf off your ears.In Rupert The Bear,1940,s an island of black people called gollies  stealing  noddy s ears.Yes all wrong but take a look at some of the modern cartoons as an example  Family Guy who in the show  have a  character with a name similar like pervert and hangs around boys.Like most things you find disconcerting just switch off.